Bus Love: Stories of Life and Adventure with the VW Bus

Bus Love: Stories of Life & Adventure with the VW Bus — scheduled publication September 2023.


Table of Contents




Introduction Tom Brouillette

Forward David Eccles




Microbus Memories


Better, Best, More Better, Most Bestest John Lago

School Colors Howard Pitkow

The Spirit of ‘76 Kristen Caven

My First Drive in a Bus J.P. Hendricksen

Mid-Life Crisis Bus Story Michael Kluckner

The Family Bus Raffi Minasian


VW Busing Today


Finding a Bus


Kombi at the Crossroads Tom Forhan

Truth & Beauty Rick MacCornack

Daily Driver Delusions Everett Barnes

The Treasure Bus Keith Price

Bus Farming in Rhode Island J.-P. Jacquet


Living with a Bus


My Childhood Flash qFiasco

I Almost Bought a Conversion Van Michelle D’Amico

Our Anniversary Marek Zebrowski

All That Plus Evidence of Other Struggles John Lago

Driving Tips: VW Buses and Sub-Zero Weather Tim Rundquist

Tired of Life? Rainer Müeller

Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy! Lois Grace

The Novel Solution Chris Pollard

One December Day Jim Bryant


The Shape of Busing to Come


New Microbus Dan Proudfoot

Very Wild BUS Stewart Alcorn


Bus Phantasmagoria


Night of the ’54 Barndoor Ron Van Ness-Otunnu

Splat! Stewart Alcorn

The 5th Van Ken Wilford


The Story Behind the Stories


The Origin of the VW Bus Dan Proudfoot


Author Biographies




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