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Table of Contents

Tom Brouillette

Dave Eccles

Microbus Memories

Better, Best, More Better, Most Bestest
John Lago

School Colors
Howard Pitkow

The Spirit of ’76
Kristen Caven

My First Drive in a Bus
J. P. Henriksen

Bus Farming in Rhode Island
Jean-Paul Jacquet

VW Busing Today

Finding a Bus

Kombi at the Crossroads
Tom Forhan

Truth & Beauty
Rick MacCornack

Daily Driver Delusions
Everett Barnes

The Treasure Bus
Keith Price

My Childhood
Flash qFiasco

Living with a Bus

I Almost Bought a Conversion Van
Michelle D’Amico

Our Anniversary
Marek Zebrowski

All That Plus Evidence of Other Struggles
John Lago

Tired of Life?
Rainer Mueller

The Novel Solution
Chris Pollard

One December Day
Jim Bryant

The Shape of Busing to Come

Subaru Microbus
Dan Proudfoot

Very Wild BUS
Stewart Alcorn


Night of the ’54 Barndoor
Ron Van Ness-Otunnu

Stewart Alcorn

Author Biographies

A Short History of the VW Bus



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